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Baby Sign Language Is Coming To Rush!

SuperHands Baby  Sign Language

SuperHands Baby
Sign Language

My good pal Miriam is the founder and owner of SuperHands Baby Sign Language (we have a cool post and video all about it here!).

She and I only met after Jacob had begun to speak but I wished we’d met before. You see, Jacob really, REALLY wanted to tell us stuff all the time, he wanted us to understand what he wanted, between the ages of 9 months and 1 and a half. But he couldn’t speak yet. So as we stared at him quizzically when he made attempts to speak, and didn’t have a clue what he wanted, he got really frustrated and really mad. And I don’t blame him. Knowing what you want to say but not having the words to say it must suck.

(Anyhow, we persevered, and now he just has tantrums about pretty much everything else).

But SuperHands Baby Sign Language could have helped with all of that frustration, had I known about it sooner and so I am determined to try it out this time with Eva. And for the first time ever, classes are available in my hometown of Rush!! Whoppee!

The course begins on March 12th in the Community Centre and here are some of the benefits to you and your baby:

1. It gets you out of the house with your baby for a structured activity.
2. It increases the bond between you and your baby by spending quality time interacting with them – giving you a better understanding of your baby’s wants, needs and personality.
3. Accelerates communication – babies start to babble more and attempt to communicate more regularly.
4. You get to meet lots of lovely, like-minded parents in a relaxed environment.
5. Baby really enjoys the class as there are lots of age-appropriate toys and musical instruments, and they love the songs and poems.
6. You get to learn lots of new nursery rhymes and poems as well as practicing those long-forgotten ones from your childhood.
7. It’s a lot of fun!

The 6-week course is €100 and includes a bright and colourful illustrated dictionary of baby sign language and a CD of songs and poems to sign to.

See you there? OH YES! The booking info is right HERE.

[SuperHands founder Miriam Devitt also wrote a piece for us on Infant Communication that you should totally check out]

Preggo Watch: Flight Of The Bubble Gee

CONFESSION: I once lived in Lusk, North County Dublin for, like, two years.

I’m really terribly sorry that I kept it from you, but you see, I was MORTIFIED. The fact is that when you grow up in one village in North County Dublin (and I grew up in Rush), Town Loyalty states that you must vow to always, always hate your neighboring village and it’s inhabitants. This includes claiming superiority in all areas of village life, such as: the ridieness of your local GAA players; the presentation of the town square Xmas tree, accessibility and cleanliness of public toilets in the local pub and finally, control that the female population keeps over their Bubble Gees.

In case you are wondering, the ‘Bubble Gee’ can be found on a body, starting from the actual gee area itself and extending all the way up to some place in and around the sternum. They are also referred to as ‘The Gunt’ in slightly more rowdy company, and honestly? There is nothing I love more than a good Gunt.

When I lived in Lusk, I constantly referred to the dedicated bike and walking path which circles the village as ‘The Bubble Gee Walk’, due to the body type I normally encountered along the way. I also generally assumed that these fabulous creatures were in charge of protecting the village, a theory which has now been compounded by the addition of County Council-donated outdoor gym equipment at the side of the road. Not only would I not fuck with a person in possession of a Bubble Gee, but I most certainly would not fuck with someone in possession of a Bubble Gee on a CROSS TRAINER.

Due to my hyperactive nature and genes inherited from my mother, I have not ever had a bubble gee, the absence of which has made me question both my abilities to live in Lusk (Result of Questionnaire: NOT ABLE) and also my ability to protect a village should the need arise.

Although now… NOW I could be on to something…. check this Gunt out & send me some inter-village warfare to deal with


Bubble Gee



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