“Congratulations, you’re up the duff.
Now what?!”

An Honest Diary of a First-time Mum

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Sharyn Hayden delivers an overdue (oops, we said ‘overdue’!) honest account of the road to first-time parenthood.
Don’t expect: Butterflies, the wings of angels gently caressing your baby’s brow as they sleep, a clean house, anything gooey unless it’s stuck to somebody’s new jeans.
Do expect: Puke on the floor, tiny kicks to the crotch in the middle of the night, unsolicited advice from random strangers, the need for wine at 8am and lots & lots of laughs.



What The Reviews Say:

‘The Most Honest Parenting Book You’ve Ever Read’

‘We were thrilled to have Sharyn on board to Guest Blog. Her innate wit and laugh-out-loud approach to parenting is bang-on for our readers. People want realism and relatable writing and that’s what she does best.’ – Sive O’Brien

‘Sharyn Hayden entertains with a finely tuned wit and a strong narrative voice that instantly resonates with the reader’
– Ailish White, Liberties Press