“What’s so special about Newborn Babies anyway? Well.. everything, really!”

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From the first time they open their eyes, smile or lovingly squeeze your thumb through to all the weird stuff like insisting on having mega-poops at the supermarket when you have no changing bag to hand or ‘accidentally’ peeing in your face.. one thing is for sure; being the proud parent of a new baby is an experience you are unlikely to forget.

‘Newborns Are Awesome!’ will take you through the milestones your new little bundle is likely to  meet between the ages of 0-12 months. Not only is this a helpful guide book for expectant parents but it makes for a great gift too when the new baby comes along.

Above all else, it’s a super reminder of how incredibly busy newborns are in that first year on Planet Earth! That we get to watch all of their developments an what they are capable of in just a short twelve months?

Well.. that’s pretty AWESOME!

“Congratulations, you’re up the duff.
Now what?!”

An Honest Diary of a First-time Mum

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Sharyn Hayden delivers an overdue (oops, we said ‘overdue’!) honest account of the road to first-time parenthood.
Don’t expect: Butterflies, the wings of angels gently caressing your baby’s brow as they sleep, a clean house, anything gooey unless it’s stuck to somebody’s new jeans.
Do expect: Puke on the floor, tiny kicks to the crotch in the middle of the night, unsolicited advice from random strangers, the need for wine at 8am and lots & lots of laughs.



What The Reviews Say:

‘The Most Honest Parenting Book You’ve Ever Read’

‘We were thrilled to have Sharyn on board to Guest Blog. Her innate wit and laugh-out-loud approach to parenting is bang-on for our readers. People want realism and relatable writing and that’s what she does best.’ – Sive O’Brien

‘Sharyn Hayden entertains with a finely tuned wit and a strong narrative voice that instantly resonates with the reader’
– Ailish White, Liberties Press