3 Female-driven Comedy Shows We Love On Netflix

We don’t have any telly at our house. 

Well that’s not entirely true: we have an actual telly to watch telly programmes on but we are not connected to any TV channels.

This is one of a long list of weird shit we have been putting on the long finger since moving back to our house after renovations in May.

That was almost 8 months ago and the ‘Weird Undone Shit List’ also contains things like curtains and blinds (so anyone can still just look in!), emptying a drawer full of screws from one of our wardrobes to make room for, you know, CLOTHES, and finishing off that last wall in the back garden so that the cement mixer doesn’t end up living with us permanently.

Anyway, while we just sit around not re-connecting our tv channel service to our tv, we’ve been watching a lot of Netflix.

Here are the female-driven comedy shows that I just adore at the moment:

  1. Chelsea


I am a committed fan of Chelsea Handler. So much so that I bought 3rd row seats for her gig at The Olympia Theatre in 2014 and had to be practically carried in and home by Ass Monkey as I had only given birth 6 days previously.

Her new gig on Netflix is really engaging – super guests, lots of political commentary and a nice new educational slant on things whereby we all get to experience her growing up alongside the brilliantly funny comedian.

2. Haters Back Off!


Colleen Ballinger has hit the nail on the head with this bonkers series. It is often described as ‘surreal’ comedy but I find it somewhat true to life when it comes to the character she has created, ‘Miranda Sings’.

Miranda CAN’T sing, that’s the point, BUT that doesn’t mean she can’t have her own YouTube channel, right? You have to watch it, honestly, I crack up laughing at every episode.

3. Ali Wong: Baby Cobra


She is tiny, she is Asian, she is 7 months pregnant and she has the most unbelievably filthy mouth I have ever encountered.

And *I* have a filthy mouth.

We’re talking anal sex, the degrees of women’s ‘wetness’ according to age, giving your man the ole finger-up-the-buttski, making him go down on you..

..I actually blushed a little and that says a LOT coming from me. I also roared laughing, well worth a watch.

*Netflix are kind enough to give me an annual subscription to write about cool shows like these and more. That cool?*