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In The News: Oh! Poor!

How many of you out there employ Au Pairs as a cheaper and more convenient form of childcare? How much did you pay them? How many hours did you ask them to work?

And, be honest, at some point did you take the piss just a TINY bit and realize that what you now had on your hands, was a potential ‘Extra You‘? If you asked them nicely enough, could you get them to engage in some light ironing, rearrange your knicker drawer and perhaps stand in for you on the Weekly Shag With Your Partner? (Just get an Au Pair with the same general skin and hair coloring as you – they’ll never know the difference).

Check out this story from the Irish Mirror during the week – this mean-ass couple in Donegal wouldn’t even let the poor Au Pair have a second potato for her tea‚Ķ. Let us know what you think.