RTE wants your bum (on their seats)

Hope everyone is well and struggling as much as I am with the ‘Do I detox my body of fat, or the house of leftover yummy food and booze? Body or house? Body or house?’ Fucking January…

At present, I am sort of dealing with it on a day-on, day-off basis – throwing the last of the Baileys down my throat one day (I confess to coercing Ass Monkey into being my co-conspirator by ACTUALLY saying ‘Look, it’s open now anyway – surely we can’t leave it on it’s own. What if it went off and we were responsible? I won’t have it on my conscience, Alan, I won’t’), and then feeling guilty and forcing everyone to eat pureed soup for 24 hours the next. Imbalanced much, MOI?!

In any case, Happy New Year. I hope, more than that your hoop fits or doesn’t fit into your favourite jeans, that your family and kids and YOURSELVES have a healthy and happy year. And I bleedin’ love yiz, right’??

Now. RTE are soon filming a new music and comedy show, hosted by the fabulous Dermot Whelan (Republic of Telly, Today FM). They are inviting the readers of RaisingIreland.com to come along as audience members for a fun evening out and most importantly THERE WILL BE FREE WINE! It films in RTE from 6.30 on the following dates: January 18th and 19th and February 1st/2nd/8th/9th and all you have to do is email them directly if you’d like to go along. All info below! x

‘Hey Ho Let’s go!’ is a brand new comedy music panel show on RTÉ Two television in Ireland. Presented by comedy impresario and air guitar fanatic Dermot Whelan, with two teams led by John Colleary, funny man and forgotten rockstar and Colin Murphy frustrated frontman and comic genius (their words not ours), this show is packed full of gags about gigs. How well do you know your musical trivia? Probably more than them!

Each week, they are joined by luminaries from the world of comedy and music – the perfect marriage of soundtrack and silliness as they go head to head to win the quiz – Hey Ho let’s go!

Would you like to be part of the Studio Audience?

Then please email us at studioaudience@moondog.co.uk for further information.