Irish Breastfeeding Mum Says Exactly What We All Need To Hear

Emma Howlin is a friend of mine. In fact, she has written for Raising Ireland as a guest blogger several times.

She is funny, she is eloquent, she is smart. She is a mum of two and she has breastfed both of her kids like a rock star.

Not only that, but she has completely lovely, solid, sound advice for other mums who are hoping, trying or struggling to breastfeed. She does it with a calmness and wit that doesn’t make you feel like you’re being judged or pressurised, just that your mate is giving you a dig out.

It’s pretty astounding that breastfeeding support isn’t her actual job, because we could use more people like her. I sure wish I’d listened to someone helpful like Emma to give me the encouragement I badly needed when breastfeeding wasn’t working out for me. But then hindsight is still a total bitch.

Check out this recent post on Emma’s Facebook page about the latest media attention breastfeeding has received, courtesy of celeb parents Jamie Oliver and Adele – Emma’s message is beautifully written and is understandably getting a lot of attention online.

Bear with me here 🙂 I’ve mulled over the whole Jamie Oliver breastfeeding comments and Adele’s response and you know…

Posted by Emma Howlin on Monday, March 28, 2016


See what I mean about her? Amazing x