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My Top 10 Proudest Moments Of 2015

Happy or sad to see it go, 2015 is just about behind us. The last day of the year can be emotional for many people who have struggled or who have had a wonderful year that they would like to hang on to.

But like it or not we must let it go and move onwards to tomorrow, a new day, a new beginning and just like the Monday of every week, take the opportunity to start over.

I generally don’t mind New Year’s Eve and take it as an opportunity for reflection, to pick out all the positives in the year behind, ignore the negative moments and give myself a few pats on the back for hard work, successes and continued happiness in watching our family grow.

Here are the things I am most proud of in 2015:

1. Celebrating Eva’s first birthday

The first birthday of any child is a real milestone and we marked our baby girl’s with a big Peppa Pig-themed garden party. It literally lashed rain every other day of the year except for this one, we reckon she was worth the Rain Gods taking a break for ;o)

She's a MANIAC

She’s a MANIAC

2. When Alan built a shed room, or a ‘His Very Own Doghouse’, if you will.

Our Ass Monkey generally speaking doesn’t do much in terms of recreational activity, but give the man something to build and by Jesus he horses in with the gusto of someone queuing up for a half-off telly at Harvey Norman’s on St. Stephen’s Day. It MAY have something to do with the beers he promises himself at the end of a hard day’s graft, who can really say.

3. Finally Getting A Book Out There

I have been banging on about writing a book for a long time. At the beginning of 2015, I got the finger out and horsed myself head-first into learning how to self-publish and then did just that by May. The launch was literally one of the proudest nights of my life.

4. Saying, ‘HELL, YES!’

When Ass Monkey brought the entire family for a walk to the Botanic Gardens in April, I literally considered dumping him for being such an awkward, controlling bastard who wouldn’t let me decide where the we and the kids should have our picnic. Turns out, he was trying to find the perfect spot to pop the question. The RIDE. I’m still bawling.


5. Seeing Jacob Turn Four.

What a cool dude this little man is turning out to be. At four, he is still sleeping in bed beside us at night and I LOVE IT (#sorrynotsorry), he has the cutest cheeky grin, thinks he’s a ninja all day long and just the other day asked me ‘why do willies have bones?’ I HEART HIM.

Scarlet for his life

Scarlet for his life

6. When We Voted YES!

I was glad to be Irish this year in May when our island voted YES to equal marriage for all. I missed a flight to stay behind and vote and didn’t regret it for a single minute. I LOVE love!

YES7. Catching THIS Awesome Video Of Ass Monkey in Portugal.

It must be seen in slow-mo to be appreciated. Phwoarrrrr.

8. Landing The Dream Job

I wasn’t really looking for a new job but when The Most Perfect Job Ever came knocking at my door, I grabbed it with both hands. Getting paid to write, be on Facebook AND make funny videos each day? It’s still a little bit unreal but I totally love it.


9. Rocking Out In Rush

My bestie Rory and I threw an awesome 80’s bash in Rush in September, to raise funds for a new much-needed local playground. Needless to say, everyone is still talking about it. And our hair ;o)


10. Becoming A Godmother For The Very First Time

Tobi Hayden Tarrant hurtled into this world at rocket speed in October and I seriously could not be any more in love with her.


What will 2016 bring? So far we have a house extension and a wedding booked in. Be grand, won’t it?!

What are you most proud of this year? Let me know in the comments!