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Introducing Eva ‘A Little Bit’

We made it! After what felt like a two-year gestation period, several hundred fake declarations that ‘This baby is definitely coming this weekend/night/day/shopping trip/dinner date’ etc; panicked tears that we had no buggy, moses basket, carseat and would never have enough time to buy them… our baby was 9 days late anyway (incidentally, maybe the givers of ante-natal refresher classes should stop saying things like ‘There’s no WAY you’ll go over on Baby Number 2’ – ya know?).

To a background of my favorite sounds: Dublin city waking up – seagulls, traffic building back up, people getting on with their day, Eva Elizabeth Fynes was born at 7.22am on the 2nd of July. She was exactly the same weight as Jacob had been – 7lbs 13oz – perfectly formed and, most amazingly – A GIRL!! We still can’t believe we have a girl!!

Al and I spent most of the rest of the day in teary disbelief, but we are in love, through and through (not with each other, with the baby. Ok, a little bit more with each other). Jacob came in to meet his new little sister that evening with Granny & Grandad and his gentle, tender kiss for this tiny new baby would break your heart.

Although we’ve been monitoring Jacob’s delayed pronunciation of words (E.G. He’ll ask me if I’m drinking a “TUP OF TOFFEE’ in the mornings), I have never been happier for him to get this one a tiny bit wrong.

‘Who’s this?’ I asked him, gesturing towards Eva.

‘Little Brother’, Jacob replied, very matter of fact.

‘It’s baby sister’, I corrected him.

‘Ohhhh’ his eyes opened wide. ‘Baby sisssster‘.

‘That’s right. And do you know what baby sister’s name is?’

‘Oh yes mummy’, Jacob replied.

‘You tell me what her name is’.

‘It’s Eva A Little Bit’.


And Eva.

I have loads of stories for you about the whole experience, but for now, thanks for all the love you’ve shown us in the last 6 days since she was born xxxx

My Kids & I xxx

My Kids & I xxx


I am actually magic. Totally spellbinding, stargazing, wonderstruck magical. Shhh… don’t tell anyone. I only know because my children whispered it to me. So then it must be undeniably and unarguably (of course), completely and utterly true. I now apparently join an elite group of mamas enlightened with this secret knowledge.

Only my magic butterfly kisses can make everything all better once again. My magical kingdom is the warm safe bed they run to when bad dreams chase them, and mamas magical hugs save them.

My dinners – with a sprinkle of enchantment – help them grow big and strong. The entrancing bedtime stories I unravel sends my babies off to a beautiful snoozy sleep. My unusually wonderful hearing can find squabbles near and far, and my magical imaginary distractions dissolve them.

I place a touch of extraordinary mama magic, with extra kisses, into each lunch box every morning – to keep them safe on their wanders through their school day. By weekend we embark on marvelous adventures to explore entrancing magical places never visited before.

I have the magical power to grant a little hearts’ true wish. From the small longing of staying up late to the ever endless wish for a puppy. Their spirits’ true belief and fascination in Makebelieve, and in the assurance of their mama, always leaves me in awe. I’ll let you in on my secret. Really and truly, all mamas are magic. Blessed upon us the day we started to grow and nurture the essence of a magical new life within us. As my snuggles make the world a better and brighter place to my children, my mamas familiar warm hugs embrace me just the same. That’s the wonder and beauty of it all. Magic never wears off.

So I bestow my marvellous magic upon them, tirelessly, relentlessly and unconditionally… and get more than I could have ever wished for in return. The never ending magic of the love of five beautiful little souls.