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8 Pros & Cons Of Living Back With The Grandparents

At the beginning of 2016 Alan and I duped my parents into letting us live with them while we had an extension built on our house.

“We’ll just stay with you for three weeks and then we’re going to find somewhere suitable to rent for the rest of the building work” we said.

Four months later.. we moved back out.

Here’s a piece that I wrote for fab parenting site HerFamily.ie about it at the time. It is SO much fun looking back on these things!

Here are 8 pros and cons of living back with mum and dad, when you are mum and dad yourselves:

1. You Don’t Have To Do As Much Housework As Before

Pros: We do our bit, of course, but you don’t do the normal amounts of housework like you would do in your own house. You know, rearranging presses and re-homing spiders and so forth. Therefore, you have loads of spare time on your hands! I’ve read two whole books since the beginning of January, a total record.

Cons: You feel guilty about not doing more housework to help out, but you don’t want to be all ‘eh, your gaf is a bit manky’ about the situation. So you clean the loo, but not really clean it and then you feel dissatisfied with your efforts while your mother wonders were you were dragged up. Disaster.


2. Your Dad Will Do Your Laundry If It’s Sitting There

Pros: Anytime that anyone else will attack your laundry on your behalf is a great day, especially if they also elect to pair the b*starding socks.


3. You Have Babysitters On Demand

Pros: You can pop to the loo, have a shower, unpack the car, all safe in the knowledge that there are at least one other pair of eyes on the kids.

Cons: The act of living with your folks works off all your general babysitting tokens. We kind of don’t feel as though we can live with them AND impose upon them if we wanted to go out for a night. Therefore our social lives are dead in the water until we can get back to our own place and return to guilting them into doing their grandparental duties once again.

4. You Will Sleep In Separate Rooms

Pros: It isn’t a ‘house rule’ or anything that we’re in separate rooms, we’ve just elected to be responsible for one child each in opposite rooms in the house. Absolutely no fear of us getting accidentally knocked up any time soon.

Cons: Living like brother and sister is not conducive to a healthy romantic relationship. ‘Alright mate!’ I said to Alan this morning as he came down for breakfast. Uh oh..

5. No One Has Any Privacy

Pros: You can’t let rip and have a row with each other whenever you feel like it, you can’t let a roar at the kids, you can’t lounge around in your PJs all day, you are forced up and out early to get out of the way, you can’t have a bad day and insist on watching ‘Extreme Makeover – House Edition’ re-runs to cheer you up ..

Cons: You can’t walk around naked, you can’t have a bath at 11 pm, you can’t get pissed and belligerent at the weekends, you can’t have a ride, you can’t make late phone calls.. and everything else above in ‘Pros’, too.


6. You Will Save A Fortune

Pros: Not having to pay to rent another home while you are still paying a mortgage on the house that is currently a pile of rubble is SO fortunate. We have completely knuckled down and are saving every penny to make sure that we are covered for the inevitable ‘extras’ bill at the end of the building work.

Cons: There are no real cons to being able to save money, other than the boredom that has settled in on us that while we are saving, we aren’t doing much else that’s ‘fun’. We swing from ‘Let’s get out of their hair for a weekend with the kids!’ to ‘But then.. we won’t have a toilet for the downstairs loo’ and strike it from the list again. Wah.

7. Everyone Is On Their Best Behaviour

Pros: You will be a better parent, a better son/daughter, a better spouse and partner all because you’ll be putting your best foot forward 24/7 due to the constant ‘company’ that is four respectable adults living together.

Cons: You will break out in psoriasis due to the internal stress you experience in being unable to just tell someone to go f*ck themselves. (No one in particular, obviously)


8. You Will Get To See The Relationship Between Your Kids And Parents Flourish

Pros: When I see how happy my parents are when my two kids give them the big smiles, the automatic hugs and kisses, I know that as hard as living together might be for us adults, this is a special time that we might not see again. Every time I get a bit pissed off, or yearn for my own space again, I remind myself of that.

Cons? There aren’t any for this one.

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5 Reasons Our Kids Love Their Grandparents More Than Us

5 Reasons Our Kids Love Their Grandparents More Than Us

I have always said that I never realised how much my parents loved me until I saw how much they love our kids.

Like, they are OBSESSED with them.

We moved closer to their home two years ago and it was the best move in terms of how much more quality time they all get to spend together.

Both of my parents work so we we never edging for the ‘free babysitters’ angle (rage), but when they are around, they just love spending time with their grandkids.

My partner and I know just how lucky we are to have them nearby BUT! it doesn’t come without it’s challenges too.

Like, how do you have an argument with your dad about lodging a bar of chocolate into the tiny, grubby hand of a two year old right before bedtime, when you know he’s doing it because he loves her?

(And a little bit because he’s being a trouble-maker!)

Here are reasons why my kids have an extra-special relationship with their grandparents:

1. The Undivided Attention

There is nothing a small child craves more than attention from those around them. Us parents are constantly asking them to ‘give me a minute’ or ‘stop climbing all over me’ while the grandparents show us up with a ‘Tell me all about it’ and woo their little attention-seeking hearts.

2. The Playground Trips

I must admit, I’m not crazy keen on taking the kids to the playground – you’d understand if you saw some of the playgrounds in our area. But my parents are only THRILLED to push them on swings and follow them all around climbing frames and slides. More power to them.

3. The Feeding

From the second they walk into their grandparents house, my kids are eating. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening, they have drinks, sandwiches, cheese and crackers, biscuits and sweets being flung at them from all directions. I can’t even begin to tell you about the 7pm offers of a carton of orange juice. *face palm*

4. The Presents

“I haven’t bought them anything in ages!” my mam will exclaim before flinging a bag of Smyths toys into the room. It’s like Christmas every other week.

5. The Love Connection

There is a totally different connection between grandparents and grandkids than there is between parent and child. I used to want to live with my grannies all the time when they were alive. You can feel the warmth of their love every time you see them and that is completely priceless.

(This article first appeared on fab parenting site HerFamily.ie)