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Review: MikaB Teething Jewellery

MikaB Teething Jewellery

MikaB Teething Jewellery

I tried to like this product even though fundamentally it made me a little uneasy from the get go.. .Teething jewellery…. Hmmm…Encouraging my tenacious little princess that it was okay to gnaw and pull on any jewellery just never sat right with me. I had visions of her licking my engagement ring and shoving my wedding ring over her first tooth (whenever she grows it) to go trick or treating as Madonna with a full grill. However, I admire anyone who is inspired by their little one to invent a product and really wanted to give it a chance.

Sadly, LĂ­adain hasn’t learned compassion yet and wasn’t as enthusiastic. She loves her teething rings and dare I mention a certain long necked, long legged stippled creature that many babies love to gnaw? Rhymes with soapy? Well she ADORES her. So I hid the afore (almost) mentioned giraffe and proffered the bangle. She was having none of it. I tried shoving it in her mouth …ahem.. Encouraging her and she clamped her mouth tight. She did however like using it as an arm hula hoop but that’s where her interest began and ended. I even waited and tried a month later when she was definitely teething and she refused it again.

Sadly this product in our house just wasn’t a winner. I found it interesting that she had no compunction to chew on it whatsoever when all of her toys (and the dogs if they aren’t careful) get even a cursory lick.

PROS: it’s PBA free

CONS: the website says it ‘looks great on mums’.. It leaves out the bit that it looks great if you like the same ‘jewellery’ as an 8 year old.

Sorry mikab… Is a no star rating from team Langford.