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Street Harassment in Dublin

I totally get that video of the woman walking through NYC, being verbally mauled by a pack of weirdos who have nothing better to do with their time. That guy who just walked beside her for ages? Creepy. As. Fuck. The whole time, I was willing her to break the silent bit and just let her arm extend swiftly & sharply to the left and knock the fucker out.

Not that it’s as bad here as in the States but you know, some days you’re just not in the humour for unwanted attention. I recently phoned Apple Support for a problem I was having with my iPhoto application on my laptop. I got through to India and the first thing the guy does is deliberately open up Photo Booth so that he can see what I look like.

‘Oh berry bootifool’ says he, in that ‘whispery’ voice that creeps use. Is that supposed to be sexy? (vomits)

I had just had Eva a couple of months, I hadn’t yet washed that morning, I was harassed because I had to pick Jacob up and just wanted my laptop fixed and this cheeky fucker was the last thing I needed. I wasn’t in the mood and I cut him off.

Then there are other days…. when you’ve just had your baby a couple of months, you haven’t washed yet that morning, you are harassed because you have to pick your toddler up and you just want your laptop fixed….ahem… and you’d nearly love someone to say ‘Hey beautiful! You’re doing great. Your ass looks great. Just brush your teeth before you pick the kid up and you’ll be fine’. Of course, if that someone was Hugh Jackman, then all the better.

Anyway, we have to take the serious things very seriously, and we have to take the not so serious things not too seriously. If some happy fucker in, say, a fire truck wants to flash his lights at me and honk as I am walking down the street, I am giving that happy fucker a wink back AT LEAST. Maybe even a little wave. (Sidenote: if some criminal-looking dude starts walking beside me for an indefinite period, I am locating the nearest hurling stick).

Creative Nation and I made a parody of the original video this week in Dublin. It’s just me, and my military coat, and my Ian Browne-like walk (why didn’t anyone ever tell me I walk like a man WTF?!) and all the fabulous street vendors in Dublin City.

We shot it over a few hours and I didn’t get hit on ONCE. Scarleh.

Enjoy x 10 Hours Of Walking In Dublin As A Woman