Review: ‘One Of Us’ by Jeannie Waudby (YA)

Martyn Pig stg2From debut author, Jeannie Waudby, comes a nail-biting contemporary drama set in a modern society divided by violence, prejudice and distrust. One of Us is a topical YA thriller about young love and religious intolerance – can one isolated girl learn to understand who she is and where she stands in such a world?

(Here is a review from our amazing YA fan, Louise Reilly – Ed)

‘One of us is an amazing story and after reading it I couldn’t stop thinking about it! K is an amazing
character and the storyline is brilliant, the betrayal is unbelievably surprising and the characters’ backstories are really deep and detailed. I enjoy how the characters expand during the story, it almost feels as if I am there with them while I was reading the book! The cliffhangers made me want to read more until it came to a time where I couldn’t put the book down! Definitely one of my new favourites and I highly recommend this book!’

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