Is Your Child Energetically Sensitive?

As human beings, we are naturally sensitive in a number of ways. Crying at a sad movie or feeling really angry about a situation indicates when we are feeling emotionally sensitive. The reflex action of removing our hand from a hot hob or when our noses turn red in cold weather illustrates how physically sensitive we can be. We are all sensitive in another way too – we are sensitive to the energy of those around us.

Some call this type of sensitivity intuition. Some refer to it as a sixth sense while others know it as a gut feeling. We have all experienced it from time to time. It could have been the feeling that someone has “walked over your grave” or a strong feeling telling us that we cannot trust the person we have only just met.

Children are extremely sensitive to the energy around them.  They have no reason to question what they see/feel and sense. Instead they accept the experiences as a routine part of their day. Adults are a little more guarded when it comes to such things. We have grown up being told by others that in most cases, if something is not in physical form; it simply does not exist. Our sensitivity to energy has diminished to a large degree. It is as though there is a brick wall between an adult and their ability to sense energy where only a thin veil exists between a child and their energetic sensitivity.

As parents, how would we react to our children telling us of their extraordinary experiences? These experiences are real and our children look to us for acceptance and reassurance. Understandably, we can get totally freaked out at the thought of our child seeing the energy of a spirit on the stairs or chatting to a deceased family member about what happened in school that day. Most of us don’t feel comfortable about discussing these things, so where does that leave our child?

On any given day, an energetically sensitive child can have a number of paranormal experiences. He may suffer with insomnia and upon waking see celestial beings along with the spirits of loved ones in his bedroom. He dresses for school while he chats away to his spirit friends (often referred to as imaginary friends).

In school he can see the colours of his teacher’s energy field and often knows what she is about to say before she says it. Boredom sets in while he waits for her to finish explaining a concept that he grasped in the first minute of discussion. He looks out of the classroom window and is chastised for day dreaming. A multiple choice exam is handed out for completion. He ticks all the correct boxes because he instinctively knows the answers, but is unable to explain the thought process behind his selection. In the school yard during break time, he can see the spirits of deceased loved ones and angels happily keeping his school friends company. The school bell rings and it is home time.

He arrives into his sitting room and can sense an argument has taken place between his parents. He is energetically sensitive which means he absorbs the energy of the residual anger left in the room, which makes him angry too. His mother has a headache so now his head hurts; he has energetically picked up her physical pain. It is all too much, after dinner he goes to his bedroom to be by himself. At eight years old, he is living with an ability he would never dream of telling anybody about because he feels that nobody would believe or understand him. He is on his own trying to work it all out for himself.

If you are a parent and think that your child is energetically sensitive, you could find it difficult to find someone you can turn to for help. I work with these children and their parents by gently explaining the experiences to the child, and by helping the parents to understand their child’s ability. I have worked with many of these children over the years and feel my success is attributed to the open mindedness of the parents, the trust and willingness shown by the children and lastly, because I once stood in those childrens’ shoes.

I believe that an energetically sensitive child is very fortunate. It means that he was born with an ability that can guide him throughout his life, helping him choose the right career, the right home and even the right partner. Most importantly, his sensitivity to energy will always work to keep him safe from harm. As parents, why not encourage this natural ability?