‘I Think The Ants Did It’

Jacob has started to tell fibs and if I’m honest with you, I kinda respect him for it. Last week, Ass Monkey had to leave the house in my car to drive all the way to the office (takes about an hour), to get the spare keys for his van because they were nowhere to be found in the house. Of course, this was AFTER he traced his steps back up to the shops and playground where he had brought Jacob the previous day.

While he was gone, I found the van keys – in Jacob’s circus tent. And then I decided to look for other missing things in his room and found a remote control in his treasure chest. Ass Monkey and I tried to have a serious conversation with him about not hiding mammy and daddys’ things later that evening.

Ass Monkey: ‘Jacob, how did the remote control get into your treasure chest?’

Jacob: (not even with the slightest hesitation) ‘I dunno’

Ass Monkey: ‘Did you put it there?’

Jacob: (not even a flickering of the eye, he’s a pro) ‘No’

Ass Monkey: Then who did?

Jacob: I think the ants did it. They can carry things on their backs.

What. A. Legend. I have to start writing all the cool things that he says down, and make t-shirts out of them. Here’s one cool family who is already doing just that.

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