Confession: 20 Things I Completely F*cked Up in 2017

I am generally a pretty positive person, but with a healthy dose of self-awareness.

It’s great to have platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter et al to filter messages about our lives and the way we would like for it to be portrayed.

But what’s really going on? Are our kids always smiling, standing by the front door in their best clothes ready to leave the house on time? (Are they fuck). Are our career choices always on the mark? Are our relationships perfect? Are we HASHTAG BLESSED 24/7?

I know I’m not, so here’s a look back at all the shit I definitely fucked up in 2017:

  1. The Downers: I was so flipping depressed last January, when our wedding was over and my head was no longer filled with lists and busyness. I was surly, lethargic and bored. And really, I should have done more to get out of that funk rather than let it fester right into February and rule my emotions. This Jan, I’m keeping an eye on my moods.
  2. The Business: Ass Monkey and I opened Skinny Batch in May and we were SO underprepared. We didn’t put enough time into planning out something that had, in reality, been a dream of ours for so long. Next time.. I’m doing more homework.
  3. The Health: I was diagnosed with a form of colitis around the same time we opened Skinny Batch and I have done precisely nothing but avoid the issue. It’s childish and irresponsible and I’m sure has only served to make the matter worse. This year.. I’m taking my meds.
  4. The Skin: My psoriasis has been off the charts in the past 12 months (since I got married, wha?). There are things I should be doing; seeing a dermatologist, not drinking, de-stressing, eating better, sorting out the colitis which I’m sure is related.. this year will be ALL about the appointments.
  5. The Kids: The kids are ok. We spend a lot of time together and they are happy. But I’ve realised that I don’t get them outdoors as much as I should, and I don’t plan adventurous day trips the way I used to.. this year we’re getting the wellies back out.
  6. The Relationships: It’s hard to maintain all the relationships that you care about when you open a new business. I was lucky to get away for friend’s 40ths this year and have some fun days out with each other’s families, but other than that my free time has been spent asleep (there has been much crawling into bed with the kids at 8.30pm and being gone for the night) or scrambling around, trying to stay on top of the admin for the shop. This year.. time management.
  7. The Hubby: We need more quality time, stat. Last year we said we’d go on a date a month in 2017 and we definitely failed at that.
  8. The Smoking: How did that even happen?
  9. The Family Time: We need to get Sunday Lunches with friends and family at our house back on.
  10. The Technology: My phone has been broken since November and I haven’t bothered to deal with it in any way. Also, I’m thinking about downloading Snapchat (you can talk me out of this at any stage)
  11. The Travel: We need to see more of this country, and the world. When did my hometown of Rush get so.. comfortable?
  12. The Social Awareness: I am as mad as the next woman about all that has been going on in our country and worldwide but I haven’t been shouting as much as I should be about it. This year.. more shouting.
  13. The Art: I’ve been missing performing, and writing and making videos. This blog post is likely one of about.. 6? this year. BOO TO THAT.
  14. The Craic: Less seriousness and more craic needed. Crank that shit up.
  15. The Dreams: Ass Monkey and I have lots of great ideas and never seem to get around to putting them into place. Or it takes years. We have one big dream that I am going to REALLY look into this year. It involves wellies and muck. You’ll be the first to know.
  16. The Reading: I have 8 half-read books on the go. Brutal. The amount of reading I do is of course directly proportional to the amount of baths I take so.. more baths please!
  17. The Community: I am really proud of where we live and the community who live in it. But there is so much lacking from an environmental and services perspective and I’m so guilty of being one of those people who stands around, complaining, and doing nothing about it. So this year.. less talk and more action.
  18. The Negativity: How easy it is to be drawn into negative thinking and talking and vibes. I’m getting my Wonder Woman wrist shields on and bouncing that shit away from me from now on.
  19. The Future-proofing: Jesus I need to care more about the planet and environment than I do. I couldn’t even BEGIN to tell you what really goes into the green bin..
  20. The Love: I have lots of love for everyone but I need to show it more. Even when I’m stressed out. Even when I’m tired. Even when I might not be feeling it coming my way. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love yourself. Love your family. Love your friends. Tell them all, every day.

I love you. Happy 2018 xxx

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