Carol Tobin: ‘To Baby Or Not To Baby’

Carol Tobin is one of my favorite people in the entire universe. One might assume that she’s mega busy being a comedian, writer and super-stylish fashionista, but unfortunately she also finds time to be an amazing supportive friend and overall beauty bomb. How I don’t hate her is a real mystery ;o)

Carol wrote a really interesting article for The Irish Independent recently that I’d love to share with you. The topic is Carol’s reservations about ever having children and really deserves a read.

Plenty of my own female friends don’t, and aren’t interested in having kids and that’s totally okay with me. Why would someone else’s life choices be any of my business anyway? Nobody told me not to have kids (okay, well my dad might have preferred if I had been married first, but that’s a different story), so why would I have any right to tell someone that they should? 

Furthermore, women need to stop penalizing other women on these matters and get busy supporting each other, no matter what. We have enough to contend with, what with all the sexism, inequality in the workplace, abuse and other bullshits from our male counterparts. Why on earth would we gang up against each other (in what I like to call ‘Vagina Wars’) on top of all that?

Let’s promise to stand by our female friends and family members in deciding on what is best for them, and stop forcing our own agendas on each other. Dat cool?

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