Bábóg Baby

Child and teddy bearMulti-award winning Bábóg Baby (BB) bear teaches babies and toddlers 33 words of Irish. BB teaches numbers, colours and shapes, is voiced by a 3 year old and is soft and cuddly too! There is a BB app in the app stores and an animation series called ‘BB agus Bella’, which is out on TG4 in the Spring.  Branded merchandise is due out this winter for children and will include backpacks, lunch boxes, drinks cusp and pencil cases. Move over Peppa Pig!!

Film and TV producer Adrian Devane created the bear for his daughter Robyn, and it took off from there. Bábóg Baby now have a Welsh, English and Scots bear with other languages due out later in the year. Visit their website at: Bábóg Baby

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