Where The F*ck Are My Toes??

I recently made a valiant attempt to paint my own toenails, and it ended in disaster – both in that my ‘work’ was akin to that of a 2 year-old’s with chubby crayons who doesn’t know how to color inside the lines, AND in that I almost did my back in trying to concert my body into a pedicure-friendly position.

Fortunately, I had a voucher for a Caroline’s Beauty Rooms in Rush & now have a mani/pedi that  any baby coming into the world would be delighted to clasp their as-yet-unseeing-eyes-upon. (Really women? Are we still all getting ‘Done Up’ for labour?!)

In any case, this photo made me spit out my coffee laughing. Hope you do too. And hope you’re not wearing a white top when it happens. Obviously  ;o)