Survey: The Irish Medical Card

IMG_7612In light of this week’s reports in the media, on the difficulties that parents of sick children face when trying to apply for the medical card, we’ve put this little survey together.

We were going to create another one especially for certain members of staff at the HSE, with the lead question:

‘If A Child Is Born With Down Syndrome, When Does He/She Grow Out Of It?’


A) As it’s only a phase, probably brought on by the parents, we say 12 or so .



However, we reckon that most intelligent people know the answer to that one, and hopefully it was just one moron in their offices who asked that most ridiculous of questions to a mother who was forced to ‘reapply’ for her Down Syndrome son’s medical card. (If you’re not sure what I’m banging on about, read THIS).

Anyway – take our survey please! We’ll send it directly to anyone who can read in the HSE offices.

Click here to take survey