Christmas for CanTeen!

Shazwanda's Xmas MixThe year that Jacob was born, 2011, was a bit crazy. In fact, 2012 and part of 2013 were a bit crazy too. I think of them now as ‘The Denial Years’. I didn’t think that having a baby would (or should) change my lifestyle or my career choices in any way, and so did bizarre things like book in a week-long play five weeks after Jacob was born, and take on workload-heavy new enterprises like comedy awards nights and the likes. I look back and think ‘God, why didn’t you just slow down and enjoy the new motherhood bit of your life?!!’


If I’m honest, I know I was afraid of losing myself and my identity as this comedian and actress who was a bit on the hyperactive side. Like it was all that defined me.

I’ve slowed down on that end of things, a lot, but have cranked up in other ways – like being a cool mum & family member & friend. The reward? I showed Jacob this video yesterday: Shazwanda’s Xmas Mix – there he is in the buggy at four months old – and you know what he said?

‘Mammy Funny’.

I don’t give a damn what any audience member or casting director ever, ever thought. I now have the most important vote – his!

At any rate, I created the video in 2011 with the help of the brilliant Amy Allen and Paul Ryder, in order to raise funds for CanTeen Ireland – an organisation who support teenagers living with cancer. They are not state funded in any way and offer an amazing service to their members, so I thought we’d try to raise a wee bit of cash for them!

I’ll send you out the CD with all of my love, if you can spare €10 to support their services. E-mail me at with the amount you want to donate and I’ll send you a link to pay.

Thanks a million in advance.

Sharyn xxxx

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