The Time Is Now! (Or Whenever Suits You, Honestly)

Welcome to The Era Of Motivation Overload.

The Age of Affirmations.

The 5am Club.

The Seize The Day Gang.

The Squad Goals.

The Ice Bath Brigade.

The Sun Risers.

The Sun Setters. Jesus.

The Hybrid Work Posse.

The Tough-Iron-Marathon-Hiker Gang.

The Weekly Sheet Maskers.

The Fucking Coordinated Family Outfit Wearers.

Someone Needs To Tell These Two To Calm TF Down

As someone who is, ya know, busy enough like the rest of us, I have never felt more inclined to believe that I am a complete underachiever every time I pick up my phone and see the content that is being shoved at my eyeballs.

Or that I can’t possibly have any semblance of happiness in my life if I don’t get up two hours before the rest of the family to clean the jacks every day.

Or that I’m not a real woman of the world if I don’t know how to use colour corrector or where highlighter goes.

Where is the content that tells you to curl up on the couch with a great book and a jumbo packet of Doritos on the weekends, delegate the jobs on that long list of shit you have to do around the house, eat pizza in bed and watch movies with the kids, deal with it tomorrow if you don’t have the energy today and be happy in YOUR OWN WAY.

Pals, that content is right here. I am here to tell you that no one knows when your ‘Now’ is except you. Or your closest friends and family. Or maybe even your incredibly insightful and fabulous hairdresser.

Let’s make a promise between us to get UN-influenced by social media and figure out how to spend our time in a way that is 100% true to ourselves and what really makes us happy.

For me, it has always been writing. How about you?

PS: I have no idea where highlighter goes.

Face, right?

Also.. Self-help Singh is all of us. Check his wisdom out ;o)