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Oh, Parenting…

It can be likened to that very first job you got out of college; the one when your boss was way too young for their position of power and didn’t know how to handle it.  And even though you were doing the best job possible, your boss still yelled at you for no apparent reason (‘Stop Singing!‘), coveted their work desk and stapler like some territorial dog (‘It’s MINE‘) and then cried on your shoulder at the office party because they actually fancied you and promised to give you a ridiculous pay rise (‘MY mammy/daddy‘).

You felt simultaneously elated and downtrodden on any given day and often wondered if you should report them for being high/drunk/completely psychotic…

…isn’t that precisely how we feel from being around our kids sometimes?! ;o)

That’s why Raising Ireland is here – so that we can have a good laugh at the ridiculousness of it all,  particularly on the days that ‘The Boss’ is making us feel like taking a case against them for mistreatment in the workplace.

We invite parents from all different backgrounds and family make ups to share their honest and light-hearted stories with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. So whether you are straight, gay, married or single; had your babies biologically or through any of the other exciting means available, we want to hear from you. And don’t be shy if your ‘babies’ are now grown up and have flown the coop – a parent will always be a parent!

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