Why Are Kids So Neeeeeedy?!

Our new daughter Eva is 4 weeks old tomorrow and is already running rings around us. Maybe Ass Monkey and I are a soft touch, maybe we’re too exhausted to fully notice that we are being entirely manipulated by these little human (and doggie!) beings in our lives, or just maybe we are awesome to snuggle into – but Eva is mostly sleeping either in our bed or sometimes, on top of our actual persons. The second she is put down into her moses basket, or a bouncy chair, her eyes flip open like Whitney Houston when she hits the key change in the video for The Bodyguard and is all ‘Don’t even try it, asshole’.

I’m not too bothered about her doing whatever the hell works to get her to sleep in the first few weeks of life, but tomorrow, we begin THE ROUTINE in earnest. And we’re going to stick to it. Honestly, it’s going up on the kitchen wall and everything. I may even have it laminated.

This video of a dad getting into his baby girl’s cot to soothe her and then getting trapped there (seemingly forever!), has totally made my day. Watch it HERE and enjoy…my sleep deprived, snuggly friends…. x