VIDEO: How To Escape A Sleeping Baby

Jacob used to be the greatest napper ever, which was brilliant because that was the time I spent doing all the paperwork for our then fledgling engineering firm. But Miss Eva was not born a napper AT ALL. Somewhere between having colic for 12 weeks, a big brother who doesn’t give a shit that I’m trying to get her down for a nap because he NEEDS A POO NOW, MAMMY!, and sort of hating her cot and sort of loving being held all the time – she just never got into the habit early on.

I am totally trying to change that these days, and to establish a better routine. Jacob is now (mostly) happy to use the toilet by himself & we’ve had a chat about how much great fun we have if he’ll just be quiet enough to let Eva sleep for a bit. At 10 months’ old, she’s on the move quite a bit with crawling and standing so gets a little more tired out so she’s happier to take a nap here and there.

But getting her down for that nap is such a delicate balance, isn’t it?! The room has to be dark, the yappy dog has to be in the back garden, she needs a clean bum and a full belly, there can’t be too many teddies in the cot but there needs to be one or two to prop up her shoulder a bit (she likes sleeping on her side, the diva), and heaven forbid that I should have my long hair down that she will take with her on the way, or sneeze, or cough or breathe... or you blow it and have to wait another hour to the next sleepy window.

I LOVE this video on How TO Escape A Sleeping Baby – you know we’re all going through the same crazy shit!