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Newborns Are Awesome Book Launch!

It’s been ten years since I published a book. TEN YEARS.

I don’t know where it’s gone. I don’t know where I’ve been. I don’t know what’s happened.

A woman I mention this to throws an arm over my shoulders, stares off into the distance and gently whispers, ‘Motherhood is what’s happened’, like we are just out of the trenches, back from battle.

She is just shy of throwing a ciggie into my gob and pouring us both a neat whiskey (which I could really go for right now tbh).

I’m still muddling through my feelings about it all – did I lose myself? Did I give myself over fully to my family and just park everything? No, that can’t be right, because it’s been FUN, right? And hard work, and rewarding, and all I ever wanted, and nothing like I expected – exhilarating, exhausting, nerve-racking, endlessly entertaining.


Well, of course, it’s just that whenever we mothers thought we might do something for ourselves; something nice, something.. selfish… the tendency has always been to park that if a family member has other needs that seem somewhat more important than our own. And especially when those family members are cute little ones.

But mine are getting a little more grown up now. They don’t wake me up at 5am for Shreddies and Paw Patrol re-runs any more or need my attention all day. They don’t sneak into my bed in the middle of the night for cuddles, sending my heart soaring but my back into spasms. They play independently, they walk the dogs without me.. they can make toast!

One day last summer, with that extra bit of time on my hands to have a cup of tea alone and ponder life’s mysteries.. I had an unexpected jolt to the soul. An invisible defibrillator was applied to my creative heart by the universe and I remembered with a bang –

I used to be a writer!

I’ve written almost every day since and have had so much rejection for my scripts it would make your eyes water but I am loving it. I am loving remembering who I am and what I was put on this earth to do. I am me again!

Newborns Are Awesome is the first in a series of children’s books that I have in the works. It charts the developmental phases of a newborn up to twelve months of age and is beautifully illustrated by the wonderful Sarah Marsh.

We are having a launch party at Skinny Batch Bakery on April 25th, hosted by Jennifer Stevens, Editor at the Sunday Times. All are welcome and the proceeds are going to the Gaza Paediatric Care Initiative.

RSVPs to info@raisingireland.com so we know how many cakes to make!


Review: ‘Becoming Mum’ by Kate Carbery

Becoming-Mum-webI have had ‘Becoming Mum’ in my handbag for ages, hoping to get around to it one of these days ‘before the baby comes/when we get settled with the baby/when I get this freezer stocked/when Hallowe’en is over/when it’s still 2104’.

I finally opened it and read the first page just a week ago, and devoured it because it’s so good. I’m only sorry I didn’t get around to it sooner!

What Kate Carberry has done is brilliant – she has interviewed loads of women (and some men!) about their experiences of becoming parents. It is divided into those really important categories that everyone talks about or has questions about if they are, or are about to, become parents:

1. The Birth

2. Your body post-birth

3. Mum & Baby’s First Days

4. Feeding

5. Visitors

6. Inside your head – post birth

7. Public Health Visitor

8. Your relationship

9. Routines

10. Tiredness

Each chapter has several genuine first-hand accounts from these interviewed parents about their experiences and they are capped off with a few pointers of advice at the end of each section. As a no-bullshit individual, I can hand-on-heart say that the pointers are really not pushy one way or the other, are practical and sound.

‘Becoming Mum’ is really fantastic and is a must-buy for any lady who is expecting a baby. You can buy it online via the Liberties Press Website xxx