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‘But Where Do I Dock My iPhone?’

When I had my first child, Jacob, I thought that I was going to be able to listen to music of my choice in the labour room. I THINK I read somewhere that I COULD. So I went to all this trouble of compiling a playlist – mostly hilarious stuff like Salt ‘n’ Pepa’s ‘Push It’ because I didn’t know then that I wouldn’t find ANYTHING funny when I was in labour. I do now….

Needless to say, when the nurse told us to switch our phones off when we got to the labour room, and I asked ‘But…Where Do I Dock My iPhone?’, the look she gave me was almost enough to send the labour process into reverse.

Anyway, have a giggle at my expense again – GO ON – and while you’re at it, I know you’ll appreciate this hilarious post called Jamie and Jeffs’ Birth Plan.

Enjoy x

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