Review: ‘Bee The Book’

beethebook poster‘Bee The Book’ is a huge hit in our house. Jacob and I were lucky enough to meet creator Debra Tobin at the recent BabyTalk Festival, and we ran home with her book to try it out. What a cool innovation, to not only have fun & educational short stories to read, but to have mammy or daddy’s ACTUAL HEAD in the pages of the book as the storyteller?! FANTASTICO!!

Jacob is a fun-loving kid at the best of times, but he really laughed his ass off when Alan popped his head through the pages of the book to read to him. The photos that we took of him  should be enough to convince you – JUST LOOK AT HIS FACE!!

Debra has been kind enough to offer all readers of Raising Ireland a 15% discount if you’d like to buy the book online. Just use the discount code RAISING when you check out at: The Bee The Book Website

Can’t recommend it enough,

Sharyn x