Pregnancy workouts? Me (expanding) arse

I came across this cool preggo fitness video recently; ‘Knocked Up Fitness’. LOVE. THE. NAME.

I didn’t do nearly as much exercise when pregnant with Eva as I did with Jacob. I would have liked to swim again, since it gives you the sensation of being something other than a beached whale, but I didn’t have time (or didn’t make time) what with the house move and the business and the jaysus toddler in the house.  I tried antenatal yoga for a spell, until they started pairing us off to help each other to stretch. No, no, NO. I was soooo not there to talk to other human beings! The smallest amount of quiet time, when there are tiny people who won’t stop talking, and (tbh) BIG people who won’t stop talking, around you constantly, is sacrosanct.

In reality, the most of my own ‘Knocked Up Fitness’ was giving up smoking and drinking (ps still not smoking, although hope to never stop drinking). However, if you’ve got any more energy than I do while carrying that tiny growing human around inside you – check out the link below to purchase the DVD.

Knocked Up Fitness on Amazon

(PS: The idea of pregnant workouts always reminds me of this hilarious video starring Christina Applegate for the Funny or Die website. Enjoy!)

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