Getting Married: The Hen Party Special

I’m really taking the piss with this whole hen party situation.

First I didn’t want one and now I reckon I’ve had about three.

There was an ‘accidental’ hen party on a micro scale a few months ago when me, my mum, Nicola and Rory (my bridesmaid and bridesman respectively) attempted to go shopping together in town on Saturday afternoon.

That ended up like this:


(That’s Nicola, by the way, our bridesmaid. You couldn’t get her out of her shell if you tried).

Then I decided that I would throw on a show – a night of music, comedy and a few songs written for Alan that I would sing to him as a KIND OF hen party.

That ended up like THIS:

I can’t say too much about the night, other than that I couldn’t speak for a full week afterwards, everyone in The Marker Hotel was asleep by the time I got back to it circa 4am, alone, in full ‘Hen Party’ attire and had to explain to the concierge that I had not, in fact, been ‘ordered’ by anyone staying at the hotel.

And THEN my sister-in-law Claire mentioned that she had a friend who owned an apartment in Marbella.

“I’m listening”, says I.

So off we trotted – me, mam, Claire and my other sis-in-law Nicola for a few days celebrations in the sun.

It was my first time to ever visit ‘Marbs’ and I have to say it was one of the best holidays I have ever been on.

I obviously can’t say too much about that either (for issues of National and International security)┬ábut suffice to say that we drank everything, talked about everything and managed to get some much-needed warmth into our bones.

Now that I still have just under three months to go to the actual wedding, I’m seriously asking;

Surely there’s time to fit in one more, isn’t there?!