Does This Video Make You Uncomfortable?

Ok first of all, watch this video in private. For two reasons:

1) I want you to watch it, I mean, REALLY watch it and tell me what you honestly feel about it.

And 2) There are a lot of people in your workplace, on the bus, in your home even, who won’t get it as a work of art. Definitely not.

This is a collection of photographs of women who are pregnant, or who have recently had children. The photos are not treated or photoshopped in any way, and the project was created in order to free women from the belief that their bodies were less than perfect, because of the way they had changed for the purpose of having kids.

Here is my 100% totally honest reaction to it: I was moved, almost to tears at the beauty of it all. Then I felt guilty for being such a poser and taking about 75 pics of myself at different angles before I post them online.

And then I felt a little… uncomfortable. I did. There are a couple of breastfeeding photographs, including one of an older child who is breastfeeding and it made me feel something negative. Something like judgement.

I’m off to have a chat with myself…

Watch the video here and tell me what you think.

Sharyn x