All You Need Is Love?

I have a lot of gay friends and family. A LOT. I love them all just the same as I love my straight friends and family. In fact, some of my favorite ex-boyfriends are now screaming homos and I am just fine with that. Several uncertain and fearful young people have come out to me over the years and I try to be as supportive and positive as I can, knowing that this will forever be that person’s memory of ‘The Day When….’ Who in their right mind would make such a poignant moment any more difficult for an already struggling young person?

This video (via UpWorthy) is both amazing and heartbreaking all at once. The notion of hating someone just because of their sexual orientation is beyond ridiculous and ignorant, and this short movie shows just how much. It is also a reminder to keep telling our young people that we love them for who they are, and that under no circumstances, do they deserve to suffer bullying or harassment of any kind.

Watch it HERE and keep some tissues handy xxx