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8 Things You Can Do While Your Kiddos Are In The Bath

So, it’s January. And while you may have been listening to me giving out shite about that dreaded first month of the year, I do like that it forces us into a little clean-out.

I’m not talking about detoxing our livers here, I’m talking the house – the presses, the overstuffed wardrobes, the space in the attic where the Xmas decorations are going to be stuffed for the next 11 months.

Ass Monkey and I bagged up seven bags of stuff from our bedroom yesterday evening. It had been used as a dumping ground for months while we had been running around planning the wedding.

We’re talking rubbish, clothes, shoes, weird belts that he’d been hanging onto since possibly the 80’s, socks and jocks that we have no business hanging onto because they are tatty/grey when they should be white/say ‘SuperDad!’ on them – chucked, chucked, chuck.

It only took 20 minutes and felt great to get on top of it. And to make things all the nicer, the kids were in the bath the entire time. Look at that for multi-tasking!

It made me think about what you can achieve when your kids are occupied and quiet for a few minutes (although we did have to referee a few rows over rubber duckies), and I was reminded of this article I wrote for fab parenting site HerFamily.

NO, you cannot leave your children unattended while they are having a bath.

YES, you must supervise them at all times as they play with bubbles, brush their ears with toothbrushes and attempt to deliver all of the bathwater to the sitting room below.

BUT! While your kids are happily splashing around, they mostly don’t need you to interfere with their playtime in any meaningful way.

So why not let them at it, and rather than sitting on the toilet or the bathroom floor, counting down the minutes to when their little fingers officially turn prune-like, get on board with multi-tasking like a pro instead:

Here are 8 things you can totally do while your kids are blowing (or eating) bubbles:

1. Get your nails ‘did

Twenty minutes is plenty of time for a quick manicure. I can get my old chipped polish off, give my nails a quick file and rub some oil into the cuticles while the kids are doing their thing. Actual nail polish is impossible because you will literally be called upon to towel dry a little one as soon as you have one coat on. Not worth it!

2. Give your hair a boost

Whether you need to brighten up your blonde or give your brunette tresses a boost, these home treatments can be applied while you’re waiting for the little ones to clean behind their ears. Just apply, and relax.

3. De-fuzz

If you’re like me, you’ll know that the best-planned bath times for yourself don’t always come to fruition. Given that this is where I normally shave my legs, I end up having to find other convenient times to get them done if my own bath time is missed. So, lather up while you’re in there now and break out the lady shave.

4. Try a new product

Face masks, hair masks, exfoliators, eye creams, overnight recovery creams – pop them on now while you have a bit of time. Once the kid’s bath time is over and you actually get them into bed, it’s probably nearly your own bedtime too, right?

5. Tame those brow monsters

I am yet another woman who is bereft when she looks in the mirror each morning and sees the gaps where her eyebrows used to live. Why, fashionable-to-pluck-them-to-shit era, WHY?? Get them back in order, stat!

6. Massage your bags away

Not enjoying the sight of those under-eye bags every morning? Me neither. Take a few minutes and massage them away. Easy peasy.

7. Sort your socks

There is a laundry basket in my house that I try to ignore for as long as is humanly possible each week. It contains all the socks that have come out of the washing machine and have yet to be paired. No one else in our house gives a shit about this laundry basket so here and there, I drag it into the bathroom when the kids are having their bath, sit on the floor and deal with it. Painful but essential.

8. Clean as you go

I sometimes take the opportunity to give the bathroom a going over while we’re all already in there. I’m obviously conscious that you can’t use bleach and other toxic sprays while the kids are in the room, so try these natural cleaning ideas for the sinks, mirrors and surfaces. End result? Your kids AND your bathroom will be spotless. Boom.

It’s #BlueMonday today so we hope you’re doing ok and we’ve given you a bit of a laugh. Be kind to yourselves!

Bath Time Duets

My happiest childhood memories are of my little singing, or dancing, or acting performances. I remember every detail – including my full two lines of dialogue – from my school play when I was four. I also remember singing at my aunt’s wedding when I was about ten and meeting the front singer of the band in the toilets later, who told me that I had a great voice. T.H.R.I.L.L.E.D. I don’t remember what my aunt’s wedding dress looked like or anything; it was unimportant information to this wannabe diva-in-the-making. I used to practice singing under my duvet in the middle of the night, thinking that as I was protected by layers of synthetic fibre and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles designs, that no one would be able to hear me. And then my dad would bang on the walls between our rooms and yell: ‘Sharyn, for god’s sake – GO TO SLEEP!!!!’

Music is a big part of my life and so while I was pregnant, I chose two songs that would always be special to Jacob and I, and I learned how to play them on the piano: Somewhere Out There and Baby You’re All That I Want. I played and sang them every day and they are now the two songs I still sing Jacob to sleep with at night.

Therefore, I am decidedly overjoyed that Jacob shares my love of singing and dancing. After breakfast every morning, I raise an eyebrow in his direction and ask ‘Music?’ ‘Moosak’, he nods gleefully and jumps down off his chair to the kitchen floor. I stick on the radio and we go for it – jumping, shaking our booties, and dragging each other around the ‘dancefloor’ until we fall down laughing.

His love of singing somewhat takes me by surprise lately though, in that he suddenly knows the words to LOADS of songs. Now that he’s turned two, and his vocabulary is coming on, I guess he’s regurgitating the songs he’s heard Ass Monkey and I sing at home, and the ones he’s learned in creche. And he’s deeeeelighted with himself to share them. His guerrilla performances happen in the car, the supermarket, during dinner and most recently, in the bath. I ashamed to say that I think I’ve created a monster…

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you – Master Jacob Fynes ;o)

Jacob’s Bath Time Performance